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Why hire a Contract Paralegal?

Contract Paralegal services are ideal for large and small firms alike. Large firms may become overwhelmed with depositions and discovery which their in-house paralegals cannot keep up with. For example, in an increasingly paperless world, firms are facing voluminous and overwhelming document productions, complying with e-discovery statutes and other discovery related issues. The cost associated with hiring and maintaining employees for these types of time intensive tasks may not be the answer that also suits the firm’s budget. Contract paralegals at Jackman Sadler are qualified, trained professionals who can solve overflow problems in a cost effective and time efficient manner any week of any month. Consider out-sourcing document review, categorizing and substantive coding to trained legal professionals in order to comply with discovery demands, meet deadlines, protect your client’s confidential documents, ensure the attorney-client privilege is maintained during discovery and lower costs for your clients.

Small firms may not have the volume of constant work to justify a full-time paralegal salary. A lawyer’s productivity is reduced when they are preparing discovery responses, organizing documents, summarizing depositions and researching court files. A contract paralegal can be hired for a few hours a week to keep the smaller law firm running smoothly and generating additional income for the firm.

Do you have an hourly minimum before you will take on a new client?

No case is too small for Jackman Sadler. We cater to solo practitioners and smaller firms that need that extra help from time to time. For example, Jackman Sadler provided a local firm with one hour of paralegal services for a last minute rush project.

Do you only handle civil litigation cases?

Jackman Sadler also currently assists criminal defense and family law firms.  Keep in mind that case management and document control skills can be used in virtually any aspect of the legal profession in any area of law.

Will you work on-site at a law firm if needed?

Yes. From time to time cases require on-site attention for document review, document production, file organization and meetings with attorneys and clients.

How much notice is needed for you to work on a project?

Jackman Sadler organizes assignments on a weekly basis. Our practice is to check in with each firm each week to assess the paralegal services needed. Projects are then organized in order of priority.

Time is allotted each week for rush projects, therefore, last-minute assignments can usually be handled on the same day or next day depending on the size of the project.


Contract Paralegals are billed at various rates depending on the project. Please contact us for a customized quote based on your individual case needs. Deposition summaries are billed at a per page rate. Jackman Sadler will seek reimbursement for costs including county clerk fees, recording fees, filing fees and photocopying fees. Jackman Sadler will not seek reimbursement for mileage, telephone or facsimile charges. Invoices for contract services are sent out on a monthly or semi-monthly basis and payment is due within 30 days unless an alternative arrangement is agreed upon.

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