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______________________________ABOUT OUR TEAM

The paralegals at Jackman Sadler are highly trained, qualified legal professionals with a wealth of experience among them. All of our paralegals comply with California BPC § 6450. Some of our paralegals have advanced degrees and certifications such as the Advanced Certified Paralegal, Certified Legal Assistant and certificates in private investigation.

The Jackman Sadler team has worked on hundreds of cases from case filing through trial and beyond. Some highlights include:

  • A federal trial which required the organization of 179 witnesses and over 20,000 pages of exhibits
  • Numerous trials and arbitrations including a six week trial with over 50 percipient and expert witnesses
  • Preparation for and attendance at a three month trial which required the organization of over 600,000 pages of documents
  • Document review, categorization and organization of thousands of documents for several multi-million dollar complex litigation construction defect cases using on-line and software based document management systems
  • Preparation of an Administrative Record for a public entity with over 350,000 pages, 80% of which was electronic

It is important to note that at Jackman Sadler your clients will receive the same privileges and confidentiality afforded to them under the attorney-client privilege and work-product doctrine. Jackman Sadler will perform conflicts checks, based on the case information and list of parties you provide, prior to performing any services for you and your client.

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